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The Makua Group, a not for profit (NFP) organization, is the parent of a growing number of diverse small businesses located on the island of Oahu and throughout the mainland. The Makua Group generates revenue through its expanding subsidiaries and this revenue is used to provide financial aid to disadvantaged Native Hawaiian people.
The Makua Group's subsidiary small businesses provide their diverse customer base with a wide range of technological support, services and material/equipment that encompass the information technology spectrum as well as state of the art engineering, design, construction, refurbishment and related services.


The next generation search and index tool that lets you search for and within all of your data, databases, and digital assets the way you should be able to search. Through a simple - yet powerful search box.
Not only have we partnered with the haystak company on dev and marketing, but we are also the only externally authorized reseller of the haystak core product.  That's awesome!


CMG Business Services Inc. is a Corporate Management Procurement Firm that consists of Professionals, Attorneys, Consultants, and Coaches with over 30 years of experience in Contract Procurement. Their procurement strategy is structured to increased profitability, improved productivity and business dexterity, streamlined operations and increased competitiveness among others. Their procurement consulting services portfolio supports the full range of our clients’ needs and anticipates future growth in the industries. They manage contracts procured for its clients, vendors, or partners. The personnel involved in contract administration required to negotiate, support, and manage effective contracts are often expensive to train and retain. Contract management includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts, ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions at all levels during its implementation or execution


Sweet Anchovies is a business venture with a handful of people that used to work at Apple, Inc, and they were all very good at what they did. So much so that everyone kept telling them they should start our own business. So they did! That’s how Sweet Anchovies was born.


Established in 2016, Unite Us Logistics is a minority-owned Carrier and 3PL logistics
company based out of Memphis, TN. TN. Founded by two veterans in the transportation
industry, Thomas Johnson Sr., Chief Executive Officer and James Glover Jr., Chief
Operating Officer, UUL has an unprecedented business value system where commitment is
quality, process delivery is timely, and service is first-class. The mission of UUL is to offer
exceptional customer service while implementing core values that include: integrity,
accountability, commitment, and efficiency.

RSK Group, LLC
One of the most trusted and experienced IT companies out there, we've worked with RSK since the beginning of time.  (No really... the beginning!) Many consulting jobs, technical installations, and product development cycles later we're still working together... and better than ever before!

B.E.P offers a full portfolio of alternative energy, integrated logistics, training solutions, and administration. We also provide services in construction, acquisition, IT enterprise solutions and facilities maintenance. The company prides itself on being customer-focused and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.  B.E.P values also include servant leadership and earned trust that is achieved by delivering excellent performance in an ethical way.​